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Don’t Delay Connect Today

About the campaign

Together with the partner organization Slovenian Association of Rheumatic Patients we joined the campaign  »Don’t Delay Connect Today«  under the auspices of EULAR.

The purpose of the campaign »Don’t Delay Connect Today« is to raise awareness of the inflammatory rheumatic diseases, their early detection and timely access to evidence based treatment. We plan educational events for the professionals and lay public.

Nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rheumatologists and representatives of the Slovenian Association of Rheumatic Patients are involved in the implementation of the campaign activities.

Lectures, workshops and other events provide the opportunity to obtain more information on non-inflammatory and inflammatory rheumatic diseases. You will also find out in which cases and how you can help yourself. Written information on specific diseases and contact information of related societies will also be available.

Watch the World Arthritis Day 2018: Don’t Delay, Connect Today video.


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